About Misc.

Miscellaneous Wines’ owner/winemaker, Grant Long Jr., has always been intrigued with creating small-lot wines. The idea that he could hand select only a few barrels of wine, each with its own set of unique characteristics, and then isolate them to create an unsurpassable wine, was his inspiration. So each year, after harvest is over and the wine has had time to develop in the barrel, the process of creating small reserve lots begins.

Why Miscellaneous? It could be argued that no vintage of wine is ever the same, that each vineyard brings its own traits to the table, every single year without fail. The wines we create honor this evolution and ensure that each exceptional vintage will never be the same. The focus: to create one wine that showcases the distinction of a single varietal and a single region. To say that this is a winemaker’s dream and a wine connoisseur’s delight would be an understatement!


A Napa native, Grant Long Jr. has spent his entire career in the wine business. Partial to grapes grown on the hillside vineyards of Napa Valley, Grant approaches his craft from a very personal perspective, putting quality far above all other considerations. He points to his father, a lifelong wine lover and wine collector, as one of the great influences in his life. Miscellaneous has become a passion project for him – an ode to his early wine-making days making single-barrel lots out of his parents’ garage. It could be said that his uncompromising standards make him a true artisan winemaker.




Please contact us for Miscellaneous “Misc.” wine availability.

Email: Grant@MISCwines.com
P.O. Box 6048, Napa, California 94581
Phone: (707) 363-0680