Miscellaneous Wines was forged from a passion for creating wine from a specific place and time. The concept of representing a unique vineyard in a single vintage by isolating a handful of individual barrels was the inspiration. As harvest comes to a close and the wine has had time to develop in the barrel, the process of selecting distinct small-reserve lots begins.

“Each grape tells its own story. Every vineyard possesses its own terroir. No vintage of wine is ever the same.” Winemaker, Grant Long Jr.

Misc. Wines captures these expressions in a single bottle of wine every year.



Grant Long Jr. has spent his entire career in the wine business. His approach to his craft comes from a very personal perspective, putting commitment far above all other considerations. Honoring the heritage of the land by capturing the experience of a place and time in a bottle of wine is an ode to the vintners and winemakers who pioneered the path of Napa’s legacy. He points to his father, a lifelong wine lover and wine collector, as one of the great influences in his life. The stories told to him of his father’s early trips to Napa Valley have become woven into the fabric that makes up Miscellaneous Wines.